When you hear Qigong,what image do you have?
If you have the image that Qigong cures a person's illness
without any form of touching,then you are correct.
This phenomena has reported extensively in the media over the years.
Everyone has this power inside of them.
Therefore through training the potential to use
Qigong is a cure for their own(and others)health problems.
Qigong has the power to heal both phisycaly and mentaly.
In fact,UN-KI(fortune),in Japanese letters is made up of UN(fate) and KI(Qi,feeling,mind).
The popular concept of Feng-shui is also based on this flow of Qi.

Cosmetic breathing method basic course
`` Positive health and beauty by breathing and Qigong``

Isn't beauty the eternal concept for women?
Moreover, "beauty" and "health" are inseparable.
But,There is reality "
people begin to oxidize
from the moment of being born.
For example,the metal will
be rusted sooner or later.
The same thing also happens to everyone.That is
Although aging is the phenomenon which happens to anyone,
this course was created by the idea of
slowing the progress of
this ageing(rusting)
if possible by using breathing methods.
The opposite of oxidization is called "reduction."

that means taking off the rust from body.
don't you want to slow the aging process ,
rejuvenate body by learning correct breathing methods and Qigong ?

MENU for example
Learning correct breathing methods The methods of rejuvenation
The methods of perfect figure The methods of diet
The methods of attractive eyes The anga of facial lifting etc..

If you need more information about this course,
Please contuct us by E-mail


What is Qigong?This course is recommended for beginners to experience Qigong.

This course is recommended for those who want to perform chi kung periodically ,for stress alleviation, for those who want to carry out healthy body maintenance, for those who want to be healed, for those who want to perform chi kung spontaneously.

This course is for those who want to master Qigong and will not be satisfied with the beginners' class. Also for those who want to control Qigong freely.This course involves small group classes.

This course is recommended for those who want to acquire practical chi kung and for those who want to be a professional healer of Qigong.
If you are interested,please contact us by E-mail.

This course is recommended for those who want to research Qigong more,and with an aim of becoming a Qigong master.
If you are interested,please contact us by E-mail.

If Qi flows into a stiff inflexible shoulder, that shoulder will then become pain free and flexible.
Member system
The upper course and healing is
a common membership system.

Daily practice is important
in order to master Qigong.
Practice at least 1minute per day.

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She is making a ball of Qi.
Healing is very popular today,as everyone wants to have a helthy and happy life.
However, actually, most of the people have human relations,illnesses and financical problems, and as a result, a lot of stress.
In this lectures,loosening the heart and the body willimprove the circulation of Qi (chi ),thereby helping people realize their natural potential and powers.

How many courses do you have?

We have 5 different courses from an admission course to a Research course.
more information

From which course should I participate?

If you are a beginner, it's better to try the admission course or the beginner course
more information

How many times do I need to take lectures?How much is the attendance charge?

Since the contents change with individuals and each course, please consult us.

What is going to happen after I participate in the lessons?Are we really able to acquire Qigong?

No problem.Since it is practical, it is easy to master.

Isn't a Qigong form difficult?

No! Qigong form is so simple it is easy for the beginners as well.

What kind of person is suitable for Qigong?Are there people suitable for Qigong and not suitable?

It is suitable for the positive person but,It may not be suitable for a negative person.

Is the respiration method important?

It is seldom necessary to earn this method. but,we incorporate method of some breathing.

Why do we become healthy with Qigong?

By flowing the Qi in the body, natural healing power increases and various symptoms improve.

What kind of Qigong lectures do I need to choose?

It is important to choose the Qigong lessons suitable for your purpose.

Do we have to practice every day?

Just practice Qigong when you feel like it. But ,if you can do it every day that is the best way.

After Mr.Matsuura gives Qi power to people's bodyc

What is Qi?

Qi is a force is found in the air and under the ground within a distance of 10cm from our body.
If we use the power of this Qi well,the body will become healthy.

What is QigongH

In China, the tai-chi currently performed based on ancient principals was named generically, and was called "Qigong."Therefore, please think of Qigong as the technique which takes Qi into the body.

Why Qigong now? 3reasons.

1. Safety and relief . It does not worsen, even if it may improve. Therefore, it's safe from a small child to an old person and pregnant women are benefit from it.
2. simple and omnipotent . -- it is simple, is intelligible and is very close to omnipotent That is, natural healing power is heightened and whole body adjustment can be performed.
3. economical -- ->We don't need anything!There is "Qi" infinitely! And it is a very easy way of staying healthy throughout life.

Why do we become sickH

Our body's natural healing power keeps us healthy and alive.
If this natural healing power declines, it will become impossible to control a virus and bacteria etc,so illness will break out.

How can we become healthyH

All illnesses and injuries are cured by the body's natural healing powers!Therefore, it is important to always keep this natural healing power constant.Medicine, health food, etc. are only the auxiliary means.

How to heighten natural healing powerH

Like there is the Japanese ancient proverb"illness comes from Qi[mind or feeling]".
In fact, it is thought by Eastern medicine that stagnation of "Qi" and the decline of "Qi" is a major cause of illness.Therefore, by improving the flow of Qi to the taret point, we heighten our power to cure.


The word "Qi[mind,feel]" has been widely used in Japan from ancient days.
For example,"Qimochi ga ii"(I feel good),"Qi nori ga shinai"(I don't feel like it),"Yamai wa Qi kara"(illness comes from mind).

That is, before the Occidental science came to Japan ,Japanese people still thought that "Qi(feelings,mind)"was not visible but was a thing like a work of energy.It was natural for Japanese people to live with Qi.

The very narrow-minded viewpoint called the so-called "scientific view" has clarified little by little as the limit of "modernization" has become clearer in recent years.
Indeed Qi was called unscientific but it has turned out that there are a wealth of invisible powers and delicate values inside of that power.
To not think that only the world which is in sight now is actual,to look at the world from the position that "another world"exists,If we who exist in the two worlds recognize the invisible power and how to control it,this special energy which was condensed well makes our life shinier and better, this is Qigong.
"Qi"energy is full of joy.
Peopleiliving nature) are alive because of this basic energy.
When this energy (Qi) is flowing to the body,it is fun and becomes full of soul.
Although many people are involved in complicated human relationships and many suffer from stress etc.
A good effect is not acquired from Qigong if you don't calm your body and mind.
First ,we need to start to loosen the strain put on us by everyday life.

first of all, go blank and relax

then, Qi(Mind) begins to flow automatically.

You may discover a part of yourself that you have not noticed until now.

We are a part of nature ,too

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