All kinds of illness and injury can be healed by natural healing power.
But, when the flow of "Qi" is not so smooth, natural healing power is not
fully effective,so sometimes,it can take time to cure
on occasions,doesn't work at all.
Qigong treatment removes the negative vibes which stay in the body
by emitting Qi to the problem point,
and it removes the unpleasant symptom while rejuvenating the body.
Health and youth are maintained according to the natural healing power
which the body originally has without depending on medicine or food.

What is Qi?

Qi is a force is found in the air and under the ground within a distance of 10cm from our body.If we use the power of this Qi well,the body will become healthy.

What is Qigong?

In China, the tai-chi currently performed based on ancient principals was named generically, and was called "Qigong."Therefore, please think of Qigong as the technique which takes Qi into the body.

Why Qigong now? 3reasons.

1. Safety and relief . It does not worsen, even if it may improve. Therefore, it's safe from a small child to an old person and pregnant women are benefit from it.
2. simple and omnipotent . -- it is simple, is intelligible and is very close to omnipotent That is, natural healing power is heightened and whole body adjustment can be performed.
3. economical -- ->We don't need anything!There is "Qi" infinitely! And it is a very easy way of staying healthy throughout life.


Applied kinesiology test checks the
Flow of Qi, Distortion of the backbone
and it analyzes the state of nerve energy

Qi treatment is an exact and easy method of healing.

Applied kinesiology test
Q&A for Qi treatment

Isn't a Qigong treatment painful?

Neither the backbone nor a head is corrected hard (such as used with a chiropracor).
It is not painful or scary.Therefore, it's safe from a small child to an old person and pregnant women are benefit from it.

Aren't there any side effects?

There aren't any long term side effects.After soon medical treatments,those who are weak in the body,and have less a resistance may feel a little fatigued in one to two days,and/or feel a little dizzy .
However,soon the benefits of Qi will take effect.
What kind of illnesses have an effect?

Natural healing power and self-adjustment power become good because the flow of"Qi"becomes good.
About how many times does it take to get well?

Everyone is different.Some people improve effect1-2times,but others(with more acute or chronic problems)need prolonged treatment.

Is it good also for sport or study?

It is easy to demonstrate potential capability -- muscular power improves because the flow of Qi becomes smooth, and muscles become more flexible -- This itself can also help prevent injury. Moreover, concentration also increases because the body becomes easy and posture becomes good.


The advantages of Qigong treatment are as follows:

【1】It is NOT painful!
Neither the backbone nor a head is corrected hard (such as used with a chiropracor).
It is not painful or scary.Therefore, it's safe from a small child to an old person and pregnant women are benefit from it.Also,there is no danger of side effects.

【2】Medical treatment is quick!

The human body is equipped with a sensor funcion superior to any precision instrument.We use this sensor to specify a medical treatment point.Consequently,it will shorten the treatment time.

【3】Quick action!
In Qigong medical treatments,the flow of Qi,the flow of nerve energy,and distorted bones are improved simultaneously.Therefore,recovery is quick!

【4】Qigong does basic remedy!
It is the purpose of symptomatic treatment that most present Western medicine suppresses the condition.In a Qigong treatment however, the basic remedy (being harnessed natural healing power ) is the purpose.

【3】It also becomes the outstanding preventing method!
There is a concept of "the non-illness" in Eastern medicine.
That is, the "Qi world" ,minor abnormalities are perceivable, and therefore Qi is also effective as a preventing method.

There are some disadvantages of Qi however.
These include:

【1】It may not be enough stimulus.
The small stimulus called Qigong may be not enough for those who need for stronger stimuli (acupressure, shiatsumassage,anmamassage etc.)However,in actual fact a smaller stimulus is more readily accepted by the body.

【2】It may be unclear.
"Qi" cannot be seen directly, in Japan we say "illness comes from Qi(mind,feeling)",and therefore,the secret of health is to improve the flow of the Qi(mind,feeling).


These symptoms are from distortion of the backbone
For example,

Upper cervical vertebra
 Headache, whiplash injury, giddy , climacteric disorder, autonomic ataxia, etc

Dorsal vertebra 1
stiff neck, glandula thyroidea, stiff shoulder due to age etc

 infertile, irregularity, cramps,etc

 backache, hip gout, hernia,etc

Articulatio sacroiliaca
 painful affection of the knee, painful affection of the articulatio coxae,etc

Is there any special condition Qi will help?

★Conditions that are expected to improve★

backache/headache/pain of neck and back and arms/shaking of legs&arems

whiplash/sports disorders/knee pain and Water accumulates in a knee

Infants' bruise and abnormalities/hip gout /splanchnopathy/rheumatism

sprain and bruise/autonomic ataxia/have no appetite/apathy

sleeping problem/climacteric disorder/moderate demand


menstrual problem/irregularity and diarrhea

low and high pressure/cystitis/asthma/atopy

hay fever and rhinitis/temporomandibular arthrosis/collagen disease

incurable disease/orphan disease/mental stress etc..


To become healthy

Once your Natural Healing Power is activated after the Qigong treatment,you just leave all of yourself.

※Cautions after first-medical-examination and treatment ...
Please avoid bathing, alcohol, and intense movement for day of your visit.


About bathing

Please stop taking a bath if your symptoms aren't good.

About poultice

The ache of the affected part can be deceived,but it does not heal up.

About clothing, accessories, bedding

Please try not to attach metal to your skin.
For example,
ring,necklace,bracelet,pierced earrings,watche etc

Please avoid magnetism.
For example,
Magnetic bedding, a magnetic pillow, an ion mat, etc

Please avoid things that tighten the body
For example,
A girdle, a body suit, jeans, a brassiere, tight socks of rubber, etc.

Please avoid chemical fibers,especially in underwears
For example,
Nylon, acrylics, polyester, etc.

Please avoid shoes with high heels,tight shoes,and the shank of shoes
and healthy sandals.

Stop wearing contact lenses.

About electric products

Attach an earthing.
For example,
Television, a word processor, a computer, a washing machine, a refrigerator

Please do not use
For example,
A low-frequency massage device, an electric massage machine, a microwave oven, an electric blanket

About food and drink

Food serves as a basis which builds the body.Therefore try to eat natural things as much as you can.
Also,be careful of preservatives, a chemical seasonings, artificial coloring,chemistry substances etc.
Do not use white sugar.Also take in other sugars and other fruits moderately.
Take alcohol moderately. Be careful of excessive drinking.
Stop bread (yeast) and dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, etc.).
Also be careful of eggs.

※It stands to reason that smoking is bad for your health.Health and symptom are only worsened.

Health cannot be bought with a vending machine.Please do not forget that you are the creater of yourself.Your natural healing power is already activated.

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